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SWIRCTC is a Swedish NGO who promotes trade between Scandinavian Countries and emerging markets in Asia. However, bilateral trade between Sweden and Iran is a high priority for us. Our intention is to boost business dynamic between Iran and Sweden.


We identify, assess, promote and support wide range of Swedish-Iranian business activities as well as relevant regional trade and investment.

Regardless of your company size and field of activity, either small start-up or well stablished corporations, we are willing and capable to assist you with your business venture. Our exclusive network in industries and our exclusive membership comprise a dynamic community, sharing the value to foster best practices and innovative ideas and approaches.


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Sweden Iran Chamber of Trade and Commerce


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Iran is a new emerging market for foreign companies and investors with countless opportunities.

As an outcome of the post sanction era, there would be numerous opportunities for Iranian companies for expanding their exports into wide international market, with Swedish/Scandinavian market being a prime target.

In the new era where the sanctions are partially lifted against Iran, numerous business opportunities has been created for those companies who are thinking to get into this new emerging market, willing to take risks with view for long term business.

A four seasons country, wherein at the same day, you can climb the mountains, do skying, having fun on the beach, having desert safari or shopping in high-end malls or visiting amazing ancient bazars

We would strive for making SSRCA a trustworthy and efficient source of market intelligence who communicates, coordinates and facilitates for companies, individuals and entities, who need professional services for their success in Swedish and Iranian markets.

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Market Inteligence

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Practical Services

We have put together a team of highly skilled operatives who are very efficient and flexible. These individuals are very committed to their tasks and are located in several locations around the world. With help of our local experts, partner companies, advisors and our vast business network and connections we strongly believe we can tackle any mission be it small consignment or large scale projects.

We offer a unique value proposition for our clients by delivering market intelligence, facilitating connections, building up beneficial and sustainable business relation, making possible the exchange of reliable knowledge, identify risks, pinpointing critical pitfalls and providing decisive business information and influencing public or regional policy.

We help you to turn difficulties into opportunities and failures to success. Our experts help you to prepare your plans in advance by offering the right approach and strategies.

Let us assist you as your strategic partner in your path to success.


ساده ترین و مطمئن ترین پل ارتباطی شما جهت بررسی، طرح، اجرا و توسعه مراودات بازرگانی، علمی، فرهنگی با کشور سوئد

We offer our partners convenience and security for assessment, planning, execution and developing trade between Sweden and Iran.

Ett enkelt och tryggt sätt för utredning, planering, genomförande och utveckling av handelsrelationer med Iran.

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Scandinavia Silk Road Commerce Association

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