Advisory Board

Advisory Board

As an Swedish non governmental association, SWIRCTC has constituted an advisory board for providing non-binding strategic advice to the management of the association.

We do believe that such a group of skilled and qualified people with various backgrund, age, gender, ethnicity gives the association greater flexibility and access to a bank of knowledge and wide networks.

The function of the advisory board is to offer assistance with marketing, managing human resources, influencing the direction of regulators, giving innovative advice and dynamic perspectives. The advisory board meets quarterly to provide strategic direction, guide quality improvement, and assess association’s program effectiveness. SWIRCTC’s advisory board is an open-ended group and continuously welcome new qualified members.

Ms. Daideh Yahyavi

Lawyer and Head of middle East

Magnusson Law Firm

Ms. Delara Ronnberg Badeei

Economist and Head of Corporate Client at Handels Banken, sweden

Mr. Ali Kamyab

Chemical engineer and CEO at Swedish Professional Development Institute

Mr. Gert Lundmark

Economist and Marketer

Senior Consultant International Trade

Mr. Johan Elmquist

Equity portfolio manager & co-founder of

Tundra Fonder

Mr. Hami Rashidi

Founder and Head of SMB, Swedish leading wholesaler Professional Cleaning products and machineries

Mr. Thomas Larsson

Civil Engineer, Former head of SKF in Iran, CEO Tomtron Sweden

Mr. Nozhan Nikzad

Master Degree in International Politic, Compliance Officer Swedish Immigration Agency

Mr.Emil Azad

Economist & Marketer

CEO, Noble Consulting


Mr.Arman Aslani

Solicitor, Compliance Lawyer Swedish Immigration Agency

Mr.Johan Eklund

Agronomist, Senior Consultant

Environmental management system, CEO, Ciconia

Mr.Kamran Kaviani

Engineer, Director, Quality Assurance /Risk Management, SHL-Group

Mr. Amir Taheri

Master’s degree, Stockholm University, Founder and co founder of many organisations and enterprises. CEO, Venica


ساده ترین و مطمئن ترین پل ارتباطی شما جهت بررسی، طرح، اجرا و توسعه مراودات بازرگانی، علمی، فرهنگی با کشور سوئد

We offer our partners convenience and security for assessment, planning, execution and developing trade between Sweden and Iran.

Ett enkelt och tryggt sätt för utredning, planering, genomförande och utveckling av handelsrelationer med Iran.

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SWIRCTC in affiliation with

Scandinavia Silk Road Commerce Association

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